The Value of Making Mistakes

The Value of Making Mistakes

So today I would like to talk about the VALUE of making mistakes.

Not only do we learn A LOT when we make them, sometimes the mistake is actually better than what you originally set out to do.

In this case, although the word BOG is pretty funny, I am not going to call this my audio bog, but you can be sure that I won’t make that typo again!  It was a great reminder that I go too quickly sometimes and need to slow down.

Sometimes we make mistakes that negatively affect others, like being short-tempered with a friend or family member because we didn’t get enough sleep the night before, say.  It happens.

What’s important in this case is not dwelling on the mistake and beating yourself up about it, but doing something about it.  Own it, take responsibility and apologize.  And give yourself a break, you’re only human after all.

And perhaps some self awareness can come out of the mistake.  We often get triggered when we are over tired, and that’s a good time to try to understand why we were triggered and hopefully be able to do some real healing around that trigger.